TRP'S  Supportive Housing Services offers a comprehensive approach to the housing needs for Our model is designed for  youth deemed critically at -risk. We currently have 10 beds within the local community setting, and a "Safe House" outside the state line which houses 4 youth that are on our Emergency Response Transit (ERT) tract-where circumstances dictate that they are no longer safe residing within the city limits.  With more than 12 years of experience creating supportive housing programs and policies, TRP is looking to expand its housing model to more than 100 beds by year 2023. As we take a critical look at this Community Violence Intervention Ecosystem, TRP truly believes that the Housing tract plays a critical role in helping to stave off community violence.  In fact housing insecurities has played a crucial role in the increase in gun violence in light of COVID-19 throughout the country. When Our youth don't have stable housing, coupled with other factors such as joblessness, and a lack of hope or positive social networks, they find themselves acquiescing to the negative influences and elements around them. placed in these circumstances, they are only as strong as their chances and opportunities dictate. And when a person is left with no hope, their life choices and outcomes aren't difficult to predict.  


How our Housing program works



TRP's housing program serves as a safe supportive environment that inspires uplifts and encourages our residents by providing structured oversight, clear expectations for success and a concise life plan that is generated by the case managers and the participant together. Each participant entering the home will be given a video interview that will serve as a reflective moment of growth at the end of their stay in the home. Potential residents must be 18-30 years of age and must be referred by justice-system involvement, community partner referrals or through our outreach efforts. In our housing program you will be provided the following services:

Case Management

Art As Therapy

Assistance with Obtaining I.D's

Life Skills

Job Referrals/Placement

Bus Passes (as Needed)


As a part of our program practice, our participants must maintain an open line of communication with their support system which consists of family members, social networks or mentors who have a vested interest in seeing each participant reach their fullest potential. TRP understands that truly "it takes a village.." thus, all positive influences ang networks are encouraged to serve as motivators of positive outcomes.