The Restorative Project takes special interest in our city's homeless population.

Our Executive Director found himself homeless in 2007. It was with the help of

Heartland Alliance that served as a conduit of safety and security, providing a 

a studio apartment where he was able to establish a base to build his life from.

According to the city of Chicago's Homeless Point-in-Time Count and Survey

Report, 4447 people experience homelessness. Approximately3,023 individuals

who were experiencing homelessness resided in shelters while an estimated

702 to 1,454 people were living on the streets. The report went on to state the 



1).  There are 1,105 homeless household

2), There are 690 homeless veterans.     

3). There are 609 homeless young adults



This report doesn't take into account the many homeless adolescent youth that

wander aimlessly in the street during and after school hours trying to stay busy 

or doing God knows what to feed themselves each Day. Moreover, countless men

and women are released from prison each day who either have nowhere to call 

home or return to conditions that are not dignified enough to qualify as stable